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The line-launcher is a multipurpose device. You can use it as antenna launcher , rope traverse , boat tot boat line deployment, arborsts, tower workers, rope access operator, rescue operators etc.

A conscious drowning victim is most likely panicking. It is amazing the strength a panicked person will have. In their swinging and struggling, you are likely to get knocked out.

The line launcher makes it posible to launch a line within a second, so you donít† have to go in the water taking enormous risks, waisting valuable seconds.

It is designed as a life saving rescue tool in a water or ice environment. It is a substitute for other rescue devices such as the large difficult to throw white ring with heavy rope attached that is often seen on boats and ships. The rescuer can stay out of the water, because rescues can be performed from land, boat, or dock.


The† line launcher is a non-pyrotechnic line-launcher, it does not require special storage, shipping, and in most countries no licensing. The system is fuelled by air or co2 and the components can be reused, making line throwing training an inexpensive operation.

1 Doe you need a license?

2 Why is the line-launcher so special?

3 Why is it dangerous jumping in the water, to save a drowning?

4 Are there any other uses besides rescueing?

Standard is the shooting distance 40 meter, because this I most common /effective distance. ( However you can vary this distance very easy).



5 What is the shooting distance?


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Line launcher

Line launcher